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Also, by eroottinen helsinki this site and participating to any Wonderlust event, you and Wonderlust form an Accountability Agreement to ensure our activities feel safe and free for everyone who participates in them. Please read and confirm eroottinen helsinki agreement, and enter your date of birth at the end of this text to access the site. By eroottinen helsinki at an event, you and Wonderlust form an agreement to ensure our space feels more free and safer for us all.

It bases on eroottinen helsinki principles of respect, inclusiveness regardless of gender or eroottinen helsinki orientation as well as non-patriarchy, anti-racism and anti-ableism as we consider these concepts essential for a healthy, diverse sexual culture. GENERAL ETIQUETTE We communicate in an open way and by active listening. We approach every situation with an open mind and free of judgment.

We never assume, most importantly others gender, other identities or preferences. We mind how much eroottinen helsinki we take to ensure equal opportunity for learning, participation and enjoyment. All sexual interactions should be held on the following three basic principles: If we observe unsafe practice eroottinen helsinki will invite you to amend your practice safely. If another participant declines an invitation to participate with you in any way, repeated requests are a violation of their consent and stated boundaries.

If not adhered to you will be asked to leave the event. If you have any questions please contact us for advice. Boundaries eroottinen helsinki different for each person and thus any approach requires asking, communicating and active listening. Without the permission of the players do not interfere in any play or touch any equipment that is not your own. If you wish to watch play, keep a respectful and safe eroottinen helsinki from eroottinen helsinki players.

Thus we stay mindful of how much space eroottinen helsinki take up, both bodies and voices, and of how we act or speak is affecting other people around us. If an issue discussed is outside eroottinen helsinki your own personal experience rather listen and learn from the discussion instead of cougar sok kirkkonummi. Sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist and sex worker- phobic language or behaviour will not be tolerated at Wonderlust.

Some people are more affected by certain issues than others. Participants comply not to disclose content of conversations or the identities of participants of workshops to other participants or outside the event. Participants agree not to take photographs or record any events. SUPPORT If you need immediate help, support or advice during an event, turn to a member of the Wonderlust team. We reserve the right to ask a participant to leave the event immediately if we believe that an agreement violation has occurred, or if we consider that they are a threat to the well-being of other participants.

In that case, no refund will be offered. We reserve the right to refuse the registration to the festival of anyone who has broken the agreement in a previous event, even if they have already paid. In that case, a full refund will be offered. The rules are partially compiled and complemented from the ones used at DIY Space for London, Sacred Pleasures London, Xplore Festival Berlin and OpenCon Catalonia.


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