Face To Face Com Au Nokia

If it wasn't such a laugh, you'd cry. NBNCo, the company that will be delivering a patchwork of network technologies in order to bring fast broadband access to all of us has conducted a test using technology from Nokia that could deliver 10Gbps performance - if only FttP was on the menu for all of us. The new NG-PON2 technology will, over time, augment the GPON technology currently offered to retailers selling services over the FttP network.

That's great if you're on the FttP list for the NBN. But for those us stuck with FttC, Satellite, or some other technology, it's a bit of tease. I think not, betting you'll only get a few Mb during off peak and a few Kb during peak usage times. NBN is a joke beyond anything else out there. If its full fibre, yes, NBN will be able to face to face com au nokia 10 Gbps over that line to a house.

The issues with speed arent NBN, they're the provider, who only buy a limited capacity. Typically around Mbps which then needs to be shared between everybody in the area. Its that sharing that creates the congestion that slows things up. They do that, because outside of peak times you usually dont have lots of people maxing their connection every second, so it ends up being wasted if they buy too much.

Its a massive flaw in NBN's wholesale pricing, but the system can definitely deliver those speeds over FttP. Think of it as the NBN offering 6 lanes of an autobahn with no speed limits, but the RSP only using 2 lanes and putting a 60 kmh speed limit. Imagine if the pricing was different, you would leter etter en night stand ?suomalainen a lot more customers on higher speeds, higher than 12Mbps download.

ADSL is meant to have at most 24Mbps download speeds depending on the copper and distance of course. You asked if the NBN was able to deliver those speeds. The answer is a face to face com au nokia Yes. On full fibre, speeds are a fairly straightforward issue - its the box at either end that dictate potential. Pricing, thats a different argument, and like I said, a massive flaw that NBN is a big part of, but that doesnt change that the system can deliver 10 Gbps over full fibre.

At face to face com au nokia lower end though, pricing is all on the RSP. They get given a fairly generous allotment I think its around Mbps that lower speed tiers wont fill. This is far face to face com au nokia to explain with pen and paper, and face to face: End of the day, with what NBN gifts the RSP's, any contention issues fall onto the RSP for not wanting to spend extra. At that bottom end, its not a huge amount. Yes you're correct I suppose, I'll give you that: I picture an executive at NBNCo walking down a hallway with this report barging into the Nokia lab and screaming "I SAID COPPER!!!!

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NET, Visual Studio And More. Companies Are Creating So Much Data, It Face to face com au nokia To Be Shipped In Trucks. NBNCo And Nokia Trial 10Gbps Fibre. Apr 12,9: Australian Stories fibre nbn nokia.

Nokia reports loss in face of stiff competition

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Google, Nokia face off in video codec dispute